We pride ourselves on using the latest hospital grade equipment to carry out the procedure. We truly believe our clients deserve only the best. 

Micro-suction- removal is a procedure that uses gentle suction to remove excessive or troublesome ear wax. This method is often the preferred method as it is safer than syringing. 
We are expertly trained to remove earwax in 3 different ways: 
Micro suction 
Manual removal 

Areas we cover 

Ear wax can be of different colours, from brown, green typically a sign of infection, red, typically if there is a cut or injury inside of the ear canal, Black often associated with hard and impacted wax. All of these will require you to see a hearing specialists to assess and safely treat and remove. 

What normally will happen on the ear wax removal appointment 

5 steps 

1st step is we take a detailed medical history. 
2nd step is to examine both ears- look at the wax, check for any abnormalities, infections. 
3rd step is explain which method will be best for you & talk you through the procedure. 
4th step we carry out the procedure, in most instance you can see the amount of wax removed- we will also show you via a video otoscope so you can see your eardrums. 
5th step is follow up- if we can not get the wax removed in one go. We will then book you back in for a follow up appointment to see our hearing specialist, free of charge. 

Price is £65 for one or both ears 

Earwax is produced by the ear to clean and protect itself. 

It’s secreted by glands in the skin that line the outer half of your ear canals. It’s Purpose Earwax protects the ear by trapping foreign bodies going deep into the ear canal.Preventing bacteria, dust from entering the ear canal. It also lubricates the ear canals. 

At H/S we offer ear wax removal with 3 methods 

The procedure is carried out by a qualified and experienced audiologist who is registered with the HCPC and has undertaken extensive expert qualification in clinical ear care to carry out the procedure. The Audiologist will use their clinical judgement on the best method for wax removal. 
There are some products that can be used to remove ear wax at home, however it is recommended that the actual removal of ear wax is done professionally at a clinic to prevent any damage to your ears. 
Prior to your ear wax removal appointment, we require you to use Earol a couple of days before your appointment. Using it will help to soften the wax and lubricate the ear which will help, us to safely remove the wax. 
If the ear wax can’t be removed in one appointment, a free follow up will be booked in a few days. 
Duration: 45 mins. 
We stock Earol & other products at the Clinic which can be purchased from us. 
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