Ear Wax Removal Services in Leamington Spa 

Leamington Spa is known for it's mineral springs. It has been popular since the middle ages, originally appealing to royalty that believed the springs had medicinal properties. As of 2021, just shy of fifty one thousand people live in this beautiful area. The area has a diverse mix of residents with most being between the ages of eighteen and sixty four, only nine thousand are under eighteen and just over eight thousand are sixty five years of age and older. 
As in any area, there are people that experience blocked ears. This can be due to naturally producing too much ear wax. Though wax build up can also be a result of producing hard or dry wax, having a narrow ear canal or being a senior citizen. Seniors tend to produce drier wax as they age. It's not uncommon for those that regularly use cotton buds, hearing aids or ear plugs to experience wax build up. 
If you are experiencing earache, hearing loss, itching in or around the ear, ear infections, vertigo or tinnitus, you may need to consider visiting our ear wax removal team in Leamington Spa. 
You will find once your ear wax has been effectively removed by our Leamington Spa team, the symptoms associated with the build up is relieved. 

Our Ear Wax Removal Team in Leamington Spa 

All ears have wax. It is naturally produced to line the ear canal, protecting the tissues and helping to prevent infection. The wax is always moving out to the outside of the ear, allowing it to drop out, that takes a few months to complete. It removes any bacteria and micro organisms as it moves. 
Everyone is different and therefore you may produce more wax than the next person. In some cases residents of Leamington Spa require professional ear wax removal. If you experience mild hearing loss, earache, a feeling of fullness inside your ear and ringing in the ear, it could be a sign of wax build up and you will want to speak to a professional to have it removed. 
Some people are prone to wax build up, while others can cause problems by constantly cleaning the ears with cotton buds. Rather than trying to clean your ears with objects, such as cotton buds, having a professional ear wax removal service from our Leamington Spa team will ensure that the wax is safely and effectively removed from the ear, reducing the risk of wax impaction. 

Contact our Ear Wax Removal Team in Leamington Spa 

We do not recommend that you clean your ears with cotton buds. This pushes the wax deeper towards the ear drum and can cause more problems in the long run. It's important you never push anything into the ear, this can cause damage to the lining inside the canal. It' snot uncommon for people to perforate their eardrums by pushing something into their ears to relieve the symptoms of wax build up. 
Our ear wax removal team in Leamington Spa offer a choice of removal solutions based on your unique requirements. Irrigation removal is the most common. It is gentle and safe, it is painless and you will feel comfortable throughout the process. We warm up a irrigation solution and gently syringe it into the ear. Sometimes we may have to repeat this process a few times to get the wax effectively removed. 
Another ear wax removal method used by our Leamington Spa team is micro suction. This is completely safe and painless. We will advise on the best method to use. Micro suction uses a tube and does not require water. The audiologist will view your ear canal using a microscope and carefully suck all the wax from the ear. 
If you live in Leamington Spa and are suffering with wax build up in your ear, contact our team right now by completing our online contact form or giving us a call on 01926 962013
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