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Warwick, located in Warwickshire, is a market town. Located nine miles of Coventry, this popular market town welcomes residents of all ages. Brimming with green spaces and historical buildings, the town is popular with families, professionals and seniors. It is home to more than one hundred and forty eight thousand people with just over twenty eight thousand being below the age of eighteen, ninety two thousand being eighteen to sixty four and just over twenty eight thousand being over the age of sixty five. 
Many people living in Warwick need ear wax removal on a regular basis. Those with heath conditions, such as eczema and those that use hearing aids are at a high risk of wax build up, along with older adults. Hearing Specialists provides professional ear wax removal services from our Warwick town centre clinic, offering easy access with ground floor entrance and ample parking close by. 
Ear wax is naturally produced inside the ears. It is to help keep the ear free of germs and clean. Under normal circumstances, it was pass out of the ear without any issues, though in some cases it can build up, blocking the ears, causing hearing difficulty until it is professionally removed. 

Our Ear Wax Removal Team in Warwick 

It is not uncommon for most people to use a cotton bud to clean their ears. Cotton buds can cause damage to the ear, especially to the delicate skin inside the ear canal. As a result, people experience irritation, infection and bleeding. These complications can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss. Many people also experience wax build up, as they push the cotton bud into the ear, compacting the wax. 
When you choose to have professional ear wax removal by our expert team in Warwick there is no risk of damaging your hearing. We use the correct tools, backed by years of experience and training, cleaning your ears properly to reduce the risk of damaging the sensitive skin. 
When you visit our ear wax removal team in Warwick, there is no risk of impacted wax. When you clean your own ears at home, you cannot see inside them to ensure that they are cleaned properly. Cotton buds can make matters worse, lodging the wax inside the ear. This often results in tinnitus or mild hearing loss, along with an increased risk of ear infection. 
Our expert team can also help you identify other heath issues that could be causing the build up of wax inside the ear. In some cases, this could be a result of another medical problem. 

Contact our Ear Wax Removal Team in Warwick 

Having wax build up is common, though many don't understand how dangerous it can be if you ignore the problem. The main reason why it's so important to visit our ear wax removal team in Warwick is that the wax can lead to impaction. When impaction occurs, the wax hardens so it can partially or completely block the ear canal. This can cause hearing loss and can be very uncomfortable for you. Often you will experience throbbing and aching deep in the ear canal. It can cause tinnitus and dizziness. 
Without regular ear wax removal by our professional Warwick team, your wax build up can cause infection. When you have healthy wax it protects the ear from infection by creating an acidic environment in the canal, that kills any bacteria. When it builds up it hosts bacteria and foreign bodies, increasing the risk of infection that can cause severe pain, foul odours from the ear and pain. 
If you are experiencing hearing loss, ringing in the ears, earache, blocked ears or feeling dizzy and sick, it's important to get hold our expert team right away. Call our team now on 01926 962013 and let us assist you without delay. 
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