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Hearing loss can be frustrating and often leading to isolation from situations that are important to you, we want to help you find a solution for this. Our hear care service is catered to anyone with hearing concerns regardless of your background & how simple or complex you regard your problem to be. We are experts in our field, we are confident that we can help. 
At Hearing specialists, we also give you an option to trial the latest hearing aid technology. 
This gives you a no pressure environment whereby you can assess the technology in those situations that matter the most to you. 
Hearing aids have a misconception that they are big ugly things, which make terrible whistling noise and is for elderly people. This common perception is long away from reality, hearing aids have been transformed into slick, discreet, effective medical devices with rechargeable options, and Bluetooth connectivity. 
Hearing better can lead to living better as hearing better can improve mental health, as you can stop feeling isolated in social situations and hearing better helps to keep our minds alert and sharp. 
Hearing better can help our Physical health as it can help us maintaining an active life, can improve quality of live and improve our relationships 

Step 1: Getting to know you 

At Hearing Specialists, we understand choosing the right hearing aid package is crucial. Firstly we need to do a full & detailed comprehensive hearing examination, which includes, checking for any Medical Referable Conditions, Ear Health Check. We don’t like to rush, and pride ourself on our quality of care this is a comprehensive appointment we advise the duration of the first appointment is between 80- 90 minutes. 
Once we have the results, they will be relayed to you in detail and we will then discuss a hearing aid package that is right for you and your lifestyle needs. We will discuss the price and you can trial the hearing aids. 

Step 2: Hearing aid Fitting 

Once we have chosen the right hearing aid for you, we then programme the hearing aid tailored to your hearing loss. We as standard practice carry out REMS- real ear measurements for the fitting and fine tuning, doing so allows us to choose the best and latest technology a “perfect fit” which will give the best results. 

Step 3: Aftercare 

Aftercare is really important to us, we pride on putting our clients first. We will want to see you for regular check-ups to see everything is okay and see how you are getting on. After you have been fitted, we book a follow up appointment. Then if all is well, we book you in on a recurring basis every 5 weeks for a hearing aid service appointment & ear health check. You can have as many or little appointments, repair appointments, services, adjustments. 
Every 12 months we will carry out a new hearing test and will reprogram the hearing aid to the latest test. 
This is done to give you a peace of mind of the service you will receive after you purchase hearing aids from Hearing Specialists. 

What some of our aftercare looks like. We give you: 

Unlimited aftercare 
Free follow-up appointments, 
Free repairs 
Free Servicing of Hearing aids including domes/ wax filter replacements every 5 weeks 
Free hearing tests, and reprogramming 
Free ear wax removal should you require it 
Free batteries for up to 5 years 
Free warranty for 5 years 
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