Private Hearing Aids Services in Hatton 

Hatton is located only four miles from Warwick, offering green spaces and beautiful architecture. As of 2011, there was just over two thousand three hundred residents living in the village. It is popular for the famous Hatton Locks, comprising of twenty one locks on the Grand Union Canal. 
This village is ideally located, close to the M40 Motorway, offering easy access to London and Birmingham. It also offers excellent transport links, making it popular with retirees, professionals and families. 
The village has a large percentage f its population over the age of fifty. There are numerous medical services available in the area, including our private hearing aid services in Hatton. 
With an ageing population, comes hearing loss. Many people over the age of sixty five struggle with some form of hearing loss. This often results in them staying away from social situations, even suffering from depression as a result. Our expert team of audiologists are available to provide people in Hatton with high quality private hearing aids, improving hearing and quality of life. 

Our Private Hearing Aid Team in Hatton 

Most people will experience age related hearing loss in their sixties. It becomes more noticeable as we age. We all start losing our hearing in our forties with one in five adults over the age of eighty having hearing loss. Hearing loss has a profound impact on your life, making it harder to communicate. It can delay language development in children, resulting in loneliness, frustration and social isolation. 
Our private hearing aids team in Hatton can help you improve your hearing. These devices help you hear in most situations, whether at home or when going out. You will be able to hear the television, enjoy your favourite music and enjoy the sounds of nature. While they do not restore your hearing completely, they do improve your hearing considerably, boosting your confidence and improving your quality of life. 
Studies have shown that hearing loss could contribute to an increased rate of atrophy in the brain. It causes social isolation, eliminating the desire to be around people. When you do not engage with others in conversation, it can increase the risk of dementia. 
What you may not realise is that hearing is important to all factors of your well-being, including balance. Your ears pick up cues as you walk, aiding in balance. When these signals are lost, it increases the risk of slips and falls. Reduce your risks by making an appointment with our private hearing aid team in Hatton today. 

Contact our Private Hearing Aid Team in Hatton 

Approximately eleven million people in the United Kingdom right now have some form of hearing loss, this includes around fifty thousand children. Most private hearing aid users in Hatton will wait at least ten years before having their ears tested, believing that their hearing is not that bad. This results in conversions becoming difficult, isolating themselves and as a result, increasing the risk of depression. 
Do you think that by wearing these devices you will look old? The truth is by improving your hearing and connecting with others, your brain stays younger and more alert. Many are concerned about the appearance of private hearing aids, the truth is the devices we offer here in Hatton are modern and nothing like the bulky designs you remember from years ago. Today's devices are smaller and less conspicuous, they are also comfortable for all day use. 
We provide you with bespoke solutions based on your hearing requirements. We will offer a thorough consultation to identify what will work best for you, combined with superior after care. As an added benefit, we offer home visits if you cannot get to our clinic. Are you ready to find out more? Contact our professional audiology team at Hearing Specialists now on 01926 962013 and see what we can do to improve your hearing today. 
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