Ear Wax Removal Services in Kenilworth 

Kenilworth is a popular market town in Warwickshire, home to just over twenty two thousand residents. It offers good schools, a host of local shops and is conveniently located to other towns with excellent transport links. The railway station is on the Leamington Spa and Coventry line. It is also located close to the A46 bypass, providing easy access to Birmingham Airport, the M6 and M40 motorways. 
Kenilworth is a safe area, home to a diverse range of residents. Most residents are between eighteen and sixty four, with just over four thousand being under the age of eighteen and just shy of six thousand being over the age of sixty five. 
Hearing Specialists provides effective ear wax removal services in Kenilworth. We are ideally located in Warwick town centre, just 5.5 miles from Kenilworth. We are an experienced and qualified team of audiologists and assistant audiologists, providing first class treatments to adults and children living in the area. 
We are independently owned and provide a host of private treatments, including safe, effective and painless ear wax removal services to Kenilworth residents. Contact our team today to make your appointment and let us relieve you of your impacted or built up ear wax without delay. 

Our Ear Wax Removal Team in Kenilworth 

Ear wax is normal. It is produced in the ear canal and is responsible for trapping dust and particles, stopping them from getting into the ear drum. In most people, the wax will dry up and fall out of the ear on its own, taking any debris and dust with it. If you have a small or odd shaped ear canal, the wax can become trapped, leading to impaction. 
If your hearing is decreasing, you experience dizziness or ear pain, you could have impacted wax in the ear. Some people have a full sensation inside the ear, ringing in the ear or a cough. If you start experiencing severe pain, draining from the ear, itching and a foul odour coming from the ear, you will want to contact our ear wax removal team in Kenilworth without delay. 
It's important to book a professional appointment if you think you may have wax impacted in your ear. In some severe cases, wax build up can cause infection that can result in loss of balance, along with a high fever or vomiting. 
Our professional ear wax removal team in Kenilworth will provide you with a thorough examination, discuss your symptoms and provide you with the best removal solution to help you relieve your symptoms and improve your hearing. 

Contact our Ear Wax Removal Team in Kenilworth 

Some people will experience wax build up at some point in their lives. This is often caused when the wax is pushed deep into the ear canal. The most common cause for this is using cotton buds, hair clips and rolled napkin corners. While they do remove the superficial wax, they push the rest of the wax in the ear deeper into the canal. 
Our expert ear wax removal team in Kenilworth can diagnose if you have wax build up. They will provide you with a consultation, identifying your symptoms and then looking into your ear using an ear scope. 
It is essential if you think you have wax build up that you don't try and remove it with a cotton bud or any other object. This can cause damage to your ear and push the wax further down to the ear drum. 
If you are experiencing ear pain, a feeling of fullness and mild hearing loss in one or both of your ears, it could be wax build up. Contact our ear wax removal team in Kenilworth today on 01926 962013 to book your removal appointment. 
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