Ear Wax Removal Services in Coventry 

The city of Coventry, located in the West Midlands, is located on River Sherbourne, home to more than three hundred and forty five thousand residents. It is the tenth largest city in England and the second largest city in West Midlands. The city is popular with young professionals, families and retirees that are looking for tranquillity in a city environment. 
This city is ideally located, only a one hour train ride from London and twenty minutes from Birmingham, providing easy transport links for those having to commute on a regular basis. 
We provide ear wax removal services to the residents of Coventry in our Warwick town centre clinic, located only ten miles. You can reach us via the A46 that will take a short twenty minute drive. Our ground floor clinic is easily accessible from the train station and we have ample car parks around, for convenience. 
We are an independently owned ear and hearing clinic that offers safe, reliable and effective ear wax removal services to Coventry residents. Our team of audiologists and assistant audiologists are qualified and experienced. We also work with ENT specialists and other medical professionals, ensuring your hearing and ear care is taken care of with confidence. 
Ear Wax Removal Service
Ear Wax Removal Team

Our Ear Wax Removal Team in Coventry 

All human ears produce wax. This is naturally found in the ear canal and helps to prevent infection and keeps the skin healthy. Some people tend to experience excessive wax, that can be damaging in the long run, resulting in mild hearing loss, ear infections, a full feeling and overall discomfort. 
Our expert team provide a choice of ear wax removal services to Coventry residents, including manual removal. This requires specialist instruments that carefully remove any wax from the outside area of the ear canal. We often use this in conjunction with other methods, such as irrigation. Irrigation is a warm water that is injected into the ear. The pressure is controlled to eliminate the risk of damage. The water force softens the wax and helps to dislodge it effectively. 
Our ear wax removal team in Coventry also offer suction removal solutions. This is sometimes offered when the team can clearly see the wax build up in the ear. Using a small suction device, they are able to remove a moderate build up of wax safely and without any pain. 
We do not recommend that you try wax removal at home. In order to remove the wax safely without causing damage to the ear, it's best to see an audiologist. The experienced team will examine the ear and identify the best course of treatment. 

Contact our Ear Wax Removal Team in Coventry 

If you think you may have wax build up, we recommend calling our Coventry ear wax removal team as soon as possible. The procedures do not hurt. We have extensive experience removing the wax safely and effectively to ensure the best results. 
If you have found that your hearing is being affected recently and people sound muffled, your have tinnitus or your ears feel full, you may need to consider having the wax removed from your ears. Some patients also experience earache. One of our experienced ear wax removal team members in Coventry will be able to guide you and advise you on the best removal treatment that will work for you. 
If you are struggle with wax build up and you cannot get to our clinic, we do provide home visits, for your convenience. Give our team a call now on 01926 962013 and let us provide you with relief without delay. 
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