Ear Wax Removal Services in Hatton 

Hatton, located approximately four miles from Warwick, is a beautiful village in Warwickshire with a population of just over two thousand three hundred residents. It is a quick drive via the Birmingham Road and the A425. It is home to a diverse population of various ages. Green open spaces, good schools and local shopping attracts residents to the area. 
Hearing Specialists are an independently owned hearing clinic offering ear wax removal services to Hatton residents. We work with adults and children, comprised of experienced and qualified audiologists and assistant audiologists. We are ideally located in the heart of Warwick town centre, offering easy access by car or via the excellent transport links, with ample car parks surrounding our clinic and a ground floor access. 
We understand how important your hearing is to you and having wax impacted in your ear can cause mild hearing loss, discomfort and if ignored, can lead to infection. We do not recommend you try and remove the wax yourself, you may do more harm than good. We offer a number of different ear wax removal services in Hatton, ensuring we provide you with relief in a safe, painless and effective way. 

Our Ear Wax Removal Team in Hatton 

Our expert team of audiologists at Hearing Specialists are dedicated to providing you with the best ear and hearing care. We offer effective ear wax removal services to the residents of Hatton, clearing out the ear canal of any excess wax. The wax is an oily substance naturally produced by the ear, protecting it against dirt, foreign particles, bacteria and dust. 
It is important to your ear health, but too much can cause a number of ear conditions, such as hearing loss, earache, infections, dizziness and ringing in the ear, also known as tinnitus. We provide a fast and effective treatment including irrigation, suction and manual removal solutions. All our treatments are safe and completely painless, providing you with welcome relief. 
Our ear wax removal team in Hatton will carry out a thorough examination of your ears and identify the best removal technique. Irrigation is the most common. This involves the flushing of the ear canal with war water, dislodging the wax. Our suction techniques involve a small suction that we use to remove the lodged wax safely. We can also provide manual removal, using specialised tools. This is offered when the wax is impacted firmly, increasing the risk of causing damage to the ear drum. 

Contact our Ear Wax Removal Team in Hatton 

Our ear wax removal team in Hatton work closely with other medical professionals and ENT specialists, ensuring we provide you with the best ear care. We are independently owned and operated offering first class patient services from our Warwick based clinic. 
Don't ignore certain symptoms, such as ongoing ear infections, itching in or around the ear or foul smelling odour coming from the ear. These are signs of problems that could be caused by excessive wax build up. If you are unsure if your mild hearing loss, fullness inside the ear or hearing loss is caused by wax build up, give our ear wax removal team in Hatton a call today. 
Do not ignore the problem. While wax is naturally expelled from the ear over time, when it becomes impacted it can result in other serious issues. If you experience any earache, full ear feeling, or a cough, you will want to contact our team as soon as possible for a quick diagnosis and effective treatment. 
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