Q1: What services do Warwick Hearing Specialists offer? 
A1: At Warwick Hearing Specialists, we offer comprehensive hearing care services including hearing tests, ear wax removal, custom hearing protection, rechargeable hearing aids, and private hearing aids with the latest technology. Our expert audiologists are trained to perform ear wax removal using microsuction, irrigation, manual removal, and endoscopic microsuction. All our audiologists have undertaken rigorous training to ensure the highest standards of care. 
Q2: How can I book an appointment with Warwick Hearing Specialists? 
A2: You can easily book an appointment by visiting our website www.hearingspecialists.co.uk or calling our clinic directly on 01926 962 013. Alternatively feel free to visit us in our clinic located on 6 New Street, Warwick, CV34 4RX. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your need. 
Q3: Do you provide audiology services for children? 
A3: Yes, we provide audiology services for children aged 5 and above. Our audiologists are experienced in working with children and ensure a comfortable and supportive environment for young patients. 
Q4: Is your clinic accessible for people with mobility issues? 
A4: Yes, our clinic is located on the ground floor, making it easily accessible for people with mobility issues. Additionally, there is a car park directly opposite our clinic, just a 10-second walk away, providing convenient parking for our patients. 
Hearing Tests 
Q5: What can I expect during a hearing test at Warwick Hearing Specialists? 
Initial Consultation: Our audiologist will start by discussing your medical history, any hearing concerns, and the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. 
Physical Examination: The audiologist will examine your ears using an otoscope to check for any visible issues such as ear wax buildup or infections. 
Pure Tone Audiometry: You will wear headphones and listen to a series of tones at different pitches and volumes. You will indicate each time you hear a tone. This test measures your hearing thresholds. 
Speech Audiometry: This test evaluates how well you can hear and understand speech. You will listen to and repeat back words spoken at different volume. 
Tympanometry: This assessment checks the function of your middle ear by varying air pressure in the ear canal. It helps identify issues such as fluid in the middle ear or eardrum perforations. 
Results Discussion: After the tests, the audiologist will explain the results and discuss any recommendations or treatment options, such as hearing aids if necessary. 
Q6: How long does a hearing test appointment take? 
A6: A comprehensive hearing test appointment typically takes about 45 to 60 minutes. This allows our audiologists enough time to thoroughly assess your hearing and discuss the results. 
Q7: Who should get a hearing test? 
A7: We recommend that adults over the age of 50 have a hearing test every two years. However, if you are experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus, or any other hearing-related issues, you should schedule a hearing test as soon as possible. Children aged 5 and above should also have their hearing tested if there are any concerns about their hearing abilities. 
Q8: How do I know if I need ear wax removal? 
A8: Common signs that you may need ear wax removal include earache, hearing loss, tinnitus, and a feeling of fullness in the ear. Our audiologists can perform a quick examination to determine if ear wax removal is necessary. 
Q9: What methods do you use for ear wax removal? 
A9: At Warwick Hearing Specialists, we use safe and effective methods for ear wax removal, including: 
Microsuction: A gentle suction device is used to remove the wax under visual guidance through a microscope. 
Irrigation: Warm water is gently flushed into the ear to dislodge and remove the ear wax. 
Manual Removal: Special instruments are used to manually remove the wax under direct vision. 
Endoscopic Microsuction: An endoscope provides a clear view of the ear canal, allowing precise removal of the wax using microsuction. 
Our audiologists will choose the best method for your specific need 
Q10: Is ear wax removal painful? 
A10: Ear wax removal is generally a painless procedure. You may experience slight discomfort, but our audiologists ensure the process is as comfortable as possible. 
Q11: How should I prepare for an ear wax removal appointment? 
A11: To prepare for an ear wax removal appointment, it is recommended to use olive oil or an ear wax softening drop in the ear for a few days prior to the appointment. This helps soften the wax, making removal easier and more comfortable. 
Foreign Body Removal 
Q12: What should I do if a foreign body is stuck in my ear? 
A12: If you have a foreign body stuck in your ear, do not attempt to remove it yourself as this could cause damage. Contact Warwick Hearing Specialists immediately to schedule an appointment. Our audiologists are skilled in safely removing foreign bodies from the ear. 
Q13: How should I prepare for a foreign body removal appointment? 
A13: For foreign body removal, try to keep the ear dry and avoid inserting any objects into the ear. Our audiologists will handle the removal process safely and efficiently. 
Q14: Do you offer home visit services for hearing care? 
A14: Yes, Warwick Hearing Specialists offer home visit services for patients who are unable to come to our clinic. Our audiologists can provide hearing tests, ear wax removal, and other hearing care services in the comfort of your home. 
Q15: How do I arrange a home visit appointment? 
A15: To arrange a home visit, please contact us by calling the clinic. We will schedule a convenient time for our audiologist to visit you at home. 
Q16: Are home visits available throughout Warwickshire? 
A16: Yes, our home visit services are available throughout all of Warwickshire. We are committed to providing accessible hearing care to all our patients, wherever they live. 
Additional Information. 
Q17: What should I bring to my audiology appointment? 
A17: Please bring any previous hearing test results, a list of medications you are taking, and any hearing aids you currently use. This information will help our audiologists provide the best possible care. 
Q18: Do you accept insurance for audiology services? 
A18: No, we do not accept insurance for audiology services. However, you can pay for your appointment by card or cash. Please contact our clinic for more information about payment options. We offer a interest free finance option for our hearing aids package. 
Q19: How often should I have my hearing aids checked? 
A19: We recommend having your hearing aids checked every two months to ensure they are functioning properly. Regular maintenance helps extend the life of your hearing aids and ensures optimal performance. 
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